I lost it. 😞

Folks, it happened the other night. So embarassing, and it’s taken me three days to blog about it. It was definitely not my finest hour, and I am still so disappointed in me. I.Gave.Attitude.To A.Fast.Food.Worker! Yes, the people who work long hours and sometimes miss their breaks to assure that we get our “Mcdouble combo with extra pickles hold the onions, with a coke but please make sure the fries are fresh, ok?” out the window to us in 30 seconds or less. And here I am, passing off the remnants of my frustration to them. I was irritated because my app wouldn’t let me order on my phone, so I placed my order at the speaker. And the app states to please tell them your code at the speaker to get points that way, but I didn’t think to do it until I was waiting to pay. When I gave him the code at the window, he told me I need to give it when ordering next time. (Very fair request!) So I snatched the phone back and barked “never mind if it’s TOO MUCH WORK!” with a snarl, grabbed my credit card back, and hauled off to the next window. I watched the girl pour my drink (my only purchase) to make sure that I didn’t get any “additives” in my cup. (I’m not sure if they really do that, I’ve just heard stories.) But regardless… my poor reaction over not getting points for a 2 dollar purchase did NOT pass the vibe check. I admit that I have never worked in the fast food industry. My first job was working in a grocery store, still customer service, but definitely not comparable, I admit. I am sure I was not the only hostile face they were met with that night, but perhaps I am the only one still holding onto it 3 days later. So… all of you out there… please do me a favor. If your son, husband, brother, etc works at the Golden arches, please give them a big hug when they get home today. Tell them it’s from Colette, code 1824, and that I promise to tell them that at the speaker next time. ❤️💛


Things you should know

There is soooo much that I think you need to know about yourself and your wellbeing, but I am narrowing it down to the basics that are closest to my heart and brain tonight. I am going to try to phrase it without it seeming like I am out to sell you a used car. 😄 Here it goes.

First… you deserve to see the best possible version of yourself come to fruition. I don’t even know you, but here I am, believing this with every ounce of my being. Make YOU count!

Next… those couple (or so) pounds you’d like to get rid of… yes, we all have them. You don’t have to fall for all of those gimmick diets, pills, powders, and coffees and pay hundreds to see results. You dont need to join someone’s downline and feel like you are giving up on the things you love to eat or drink in order to see those results. It can be done, and feeling healthier is the best reward you can give yourself!

Also… let’s talk finances for a minute. Yeah, you know… those nickles you maybe can’t find to rub together. Believe when I tell you… they are there for you. You don’t need a rich uncle or a get rich quick scheme. Times are hard for a lot of people right now, and I won’t trivialize that. But there is so much more to life than worrying about money 24/7.

Another one… getting help (therapy, counseling, a mentor, someone to talk to)… is an awesome gift to yourself and nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. Connecting with someone who can help you make your life unbelievably amazing is such a great feeling!

Well, there you go. In a nutshell, these are things that either will seem simplistic or unbelievable to you, depending on where you stand. Regardless, they are things I’ve learned so far on this journey, and I hope you will give it a ponder or two. Have a great night, and enjoy your week! 🩷 Colette


I am not proud to admit how I felt this weekend… Defeated, powerless, fragile. These are NOT words I want to describe myself by. In fact, lately, I’ve been the opposite. I’ve taken pride in the strength I’ve shown in rising above situations and making changes in my life and my relationships. So, what could possibly have packed this punch to send me off track? The answer is: a few simple, short words from my husband. Barely a full sentence, but enough to bring back into the limelight our issues from a year ago, which had been caused by the confusion and grief I’d been dealing with in silence. Although the words were fast and unintentional, I felt them to my core. It made me feel like maybe all of this work I’ve been doing to improve myself is for nothing. How can we leave the past behind and change our lives when the very people closest to us are still judging us, if not to our faces, in the silence of their deepest thoughts? When it came down to it, he ended up apologizing, but the words still sting. Today, I woke up with a new determination. I know he still has hurt in his heart from the bad decisions I made, and that is where his words came from. All I can do is keep pushing forward, proving with my actions and changes that I am not that same person anymore. Rebuild the trust and hope for the future, one day at a time. 🩷